Our History

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Who Was Olga Fisch?

A Hungarian artist and a collector par excellence, Olga Fisch immigrated to Ecuador in 1939 and soon recognized the vast potential of the folk artisan’s art of Ecuador. She was a humanist and a visionary whose main attribute, in her own words, was to “know how to recognize quality in a work of art “. She began working with Ecuadorian art throughout the country and guiding them to refine their artistic expressions so that the gap between folk art and traditional fine art could be linked. While inspiring other artists, Olga Fisch designed now famous tapestries and important Ecuadorian rugs.

To learn more about Olga Fisch, please visit: Olga Fisch: Her Life and Journey through the 20th Century

Our Mission:

Our compromise is to keep the Ecuadorian art spirit of identity through each and every one of the pieces that we sell in our store. We make sure that none of the products we sell harm the planet while in the making and we encourage our artisans to create with sustainable materials. Our main store includes a must-visit Quito museum when doing your Quito shopping

A good percentage of our income is invested in strengthening the cultural identity and ancestral knowledge of the Ecuadorian artisans that work with us.

With your purchase you support this mission.


Nuestra Misión:

Nuestro compromiso es el de mantener el espíritu de la identidad ecuatoriana a través de la creación de cada una de la piezas que vendemos en nuestras tiendas. Nos cercioramos que en el proceso de elaboración de los productos no se haya atentado contra el medio ambiente y promovemos la elaboración de artesanías hechas con materiales sustentables.

Dedicamos un porcentaje importante de nuestros ingresos alfortalecimiento de la identidad cultural y ancestral de los artesanos ecuatorianos que trabajan con nosotros.

Con su compra usted apoya nuestra misión.